martin corless-smith


from NOTA


Something threw a bird into my line of vision.

poverty and suffering ennoble only when they are voluntary


people are multiplying their wants


Thank God you didn(o)t make it home with me

My urge must have intolerate your breath

hair as it was held up and out not earnestly

Youth’s flagrant mole youth’s blank embroidery


Put a flower on this

that I might be as they


sight of the Egyptian punt in green water

from below

Egyptian punt seen from below

pump out the reservoir reveals

the scattered bodies were not there before


here and there in the ocean waste, a swimmer’s seen

violin-fault errs to news

Can make no head against being material

The body is her stay (he dips a little musical)

brain, spleen, myrach, hypochondries

too hot too cold the brain (a miseryrhyme for the moon)

bad diet bad air retention of abundant seed

some sleep some laugh in lavender or rosemary

the interrupt these that lean appall confound me

another dares no bridge come near a pond intent to hurt him

rock, steephill, for fear he will precipitate himself

something unfit to be said pensive without cause

an agony for toys a barking dog this feral plague

molested if they speak small compliment complaint

they do I do and by-and-by repent

upon a spoken word a thousand dangers and discouragement

some broken property torments

content without estates

and yet desirous to a state

hare sitting in her form attempts

contriving potentates