harmony holiday





For the distress of neutrality, the new tenements look out onto empty playgrounds


For the round water, the old men jut pennies as far


as for fear, starting the day early strapping your child to a plexi pony outside the market


If you are carsick, if you don’t ride in the dark, hysterical with distance, a profuse light, a profuse lowness, looses the detail by regularity, by gear, delirious with bible, dear busstop, dear hushed robbery, dear family sized bucket of wings, dear flier on the raw cylinder announcing a concert or sermon or pervert husband you might be missing such a firm dawn in letters as in symbols affirms the ecstatic dread of this over-comprehension

which when our imperfections meet, lets them nervously cohere, ultimatum with fine then,

or your city suffers, you, or your city suffers