catherine meng





I often wanted to take off my glasses & wearily rub my eyes

like some under appreciated protagonist

I’d probably seen in a movie one too many times.


To dwell in the 3 realms is to dwell in a burning house

like when you decide to stop being weird & discover you are.


A common problem hits the spot.


The moss & lichen argue over

who is the more poetic

perhaps this too was imagined, but everything now

became analogy for war.


When the Californians came there,

where the beavers had become iron


they asked for a supermarket

& there was Wild Oats


they asked for a Whole Foods

& there was Whole Foods


…and found above their foreheads

titles they didn’t see coming.


It’s dull being good.


Each orientation is an emotion

if you’ll share your pills with me.


I’m not a priest

I’m a novice


I’m not a chef

I’m a cook


I’m not a professor

I’m a teacher


I’m not a captain

I’m an officer


I’m not a seamstress for the teamsters

I’m a super slippery seaweed


I’m not a poet

I’m a poet


but I want to be a baker

& love the Allman Brothers.


Whenever I hear a dollar amount

I expect it to be followed by the non-sound of feathers.


We stop to pee in the tornado warning

& I wash my feet in the sink.


We eat the oldest cheese first.

Why aren’t we dead?