FENCE welcomes your support!

DONATIONS at any level are sincerely appreciated. In order to donate, please make a tax-deductible financial contribution to our ongoing efforts, which cluster eternally around our intense desire to provide reliable and visible encouragement to writers to write whatever they feel like writing. Fence is designed with variousness at its heart, and is mimetic in its structure of the cognitive and affective efforts we all make to understand one another’s convictions, opinions, inclinations, experience.

As embedded in Fence, nonprofit status means that, although as part of our mission we cleave to best practices in making our books and magazine palatable as products and widely disseminated, when it comes down to it we would be happy to give it all away. We are not in this for the money. When we make a book that “makes” money we count profit in the currency of audience for that writing, not money. The money goes back into making books. There is no profit other than in how the writer profits from being read. Correspondingly, at no point in our deliberations about what to publish are we forced to consider what will sell.