The Howling Hex (Live Wire)

The Howling Hex (Pair Back Mass Up With)

Philip Jenks at Next Word in Poetry Panel with Akilah Oliver and Brandon Shimoda ()

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Sasha Steensen reading at Counterpath Press ()

Geraldine Kim @ BANG OUT, San Francisco, 3/23/13 (06/13/2014)

Sasha Steensen on Rabbit Light Movies (03/27/2014)

Sasha Steensen reading @ Domy Books, Austin (10/11/08) (03/27/2014)

Jena Osman reading @ Casa Libre, Tucson, AZ (2011) (03/27/2014)

Catherine Wagner reading/singing @ Case Western Reserve U's (4/4/13) (03/27/2014)

Clark Coolidge @ SPD 40th Anniversary (2009) (03/26/2014)

Clark Coolidge @ 17 Poets, New Orleans (2012) (03/26/2014)

Macgregor Card at Yes! Poetry & Performance Series (2012) (03/26/2014)

Macgregor Card reading for General Idea, Brickbat Books, Philadelphia (10/2911) (03/26/2014)

Joyelle McSweeney reading for Strange Cage 8, Iowa City (10/12) (03/26/2014)

Joyelle McSweeney reading "Non Grata" for Ink Lit Mag (03/26/2014)

Joyelle McSweeney reading at Sarah Lawrence College's 10th Annual Poetry Festival; introduced by Cathy Park Hong (4/13) (03/26/2014)

Paul Legault's "River"—from The The Poetry (03/26/2014)

Paul Legault reading from The Other Poems for Boston Review (4/11) (03/26/2014)

Prageeta Sharma reading from Undergloom at ALA (2013) (03/26/2014)

Hannah Gamble reading for BONK! Series, Racine, WI (11/17/12) (03/25/2014)

Meacham Writers' Workshop Conversations, Chattanooga State, with Hannah Gamble (3/22/13) (03/25/2014)

Clark Coolidge at the Poetry Project, NYC (3/9/11) (03/25/2014)

Lee Ann Brown: Poetic Inspirations behind "In The Laurels, Caught" (2013) (03/25/2014)

Lee Ann Brown's "Song for Bernadette" at The Poetry Project, NYC (9/16/13) (03/25/2014)

Donald Dunbar reading at Press: Works on Paper, San Francisco (5/4/12) (03/25/2014)