your invitation to a modest breakfast

National Poetry Series
pub date: 11/15/2012
hardcover isbn: 9781934200629
paperback: $15.95

National Poetry Series winner, selected by Bernadette Mayer.

“Like the favorite daughters of a Sufi master, these liberating poems of Hannah Gamble love contradiction and whirling, and intimacy–their seriousness is droll, their humor warm and dark, their fables of selfhood are teasing and honest in marvelous and uncommon ways. They are truly delightful and robustly original—a poetic joy.” —Tony Hoagland

“Hannah Gamble is a domestic mystic along the lines of Emily Dickinson, Anne Bradstreet, or Gaston Bachelard. But she’s entirely her own creature, a hungry, hungry omnivore with [sadly] one mouth [with teeth] who loves the sweetness as it rots. She has the audacity to speak of goodness and blessings and to ask, “What is it for?” She documents “all the things humans do” [a fierce reporter] and cultivates wonder [an innocent]. This impressive debut continually invites us in as if to a wedding that is also an articulate division.” —Bruce Smith

“This collection was chosen by the phenomenal Bernadette Mayer for the National Poetry Series. It’s visceral, thinky and gorgeous, and I can’t think of a book of poetry over the last ten years that more engagingly confronts family.” —Adam Day, Memorious blog