book prizes

We’re pleased to announce that the Motherwell Prize—which recently and in its earliest incarnation as the Alberta Prize has brought to light some of the brightest young poets, including Chelsey Minnis, Sasha Steensen, Laura Sims, Ariana Reines, and Harmony Holiday—has shed its skin yet again to emerge as the Ottoline Prize. All hail Lady Ottoline, beloved undersung patron of the Bloomsbury Group. The Ottoline Prize will award publication and a cash prize to a book of poems by a woman writing in English who has previously published one or more books of poetry. Ears peeled for more details.

The Ottoline Prize will be open to submissions from 12:01 a.m. EST on November 1, 2014 through 11:59 p.m. EST on November 30. During that time, please click HERE to submit a manuscript.  

past winners of the motherwell prize 

Lauren Shufran (2013)
Harmony Holiday (2011)
Josie Sigle
r (2010) 
Elizabeth Marie Young (2009)
Kaisa Ullsvik Miller (2008)


past winners of the alberta prize

Ariana Reines (2006)
Laura Sims (2005)
Sasha Steensen (2004)
Rosemary Griggs (2003)
Tina Brown Celona (2002)
Chelsey Minnis (2001)