in the laurels, caught

Fence Modern Poets Series
pub date: 04/22/2013
paperback isbn: 9781934200643
paperback: $15.95

In the Laurels, Caught is a collection of lighthearted, deeprooted poems written around the Appalachian region of North Carolina in Madison County. An adventurous, intellectually restless native, Lee Ann Brown writes out of attachment but with the slant of a transplanted outsider. She investigates elements of local language, musicality, material culture, and landscape, using collage, found poetry, and oral history and anecdote.

In the Laurels, Caught finds Lee Ann Brown in full bloom as a poet. Decades of experimentation, research, teaching, performing, and collaborating have honed her matchless lyric gift into an instrument of extraordinary suppleness, grace, and wry, wise humor. The Tarheel state has rarely been captured with such accuracy, grace, and sophistication.” —Peter Culley