k. silem mohammad





I have in the past diluted my true views because

they are my feeling and thoughts—

years that’s all it was—

years, I’m uncertain if they’re true or false

that would be an example of a bad poem


is it a feeling? or something more?

real is left to say

background fits into it

making it a soft warm feeling

it has evoked meaning from every part of my life

you are a true gift to treasure in your

long white dresses, feeling flirting breezes

loop” (new window) (rated: G) —>

conclusion that I love you more than anything else

that would not be true


been feeling woozy

now I’m not feeling too bad

I even wrote a little poem:

named “Wet Sea Puppy Man”

this poem conveys how

I was feeling while

with you” (new window) (rated: PG) —>


2002-08-04 | terrible poem 2002-08-04 | angels everywhere

2002-08-15 | I can’t control this eerie feeling

¿¿¿¿¿¿poem world??????


the old wall has become all that is true

you and I have a common feeling

for nature and farm’s life

don’t deny ur true feelings

ur poem is wonderful