diane williams




“I didn’t know he was famous,” my husband said. 
I said, “He said all he knew is that he wanted to be famous.” I had praised Yves. 
Later that night I glared at my husband. The time limit was a few seconds. I think when you’re younger the first idea you have is that adults want to talk. 
My brother Joe—I was at ease with him—arrived shortly. My chin hit something. 
“Do you have something in your eye?” my brother said. 
“Go rinse your eye.” 
“What’s the matter?” my husband said. 
“She has something in her eye. Go rinse your eye.” 
“I should clean it.” 
“Yes, you should do so.” 
And agitate slightly. Rinse with water and wipe dry. If laden with dirt, apply cleaner with brush. Don’t vomit. Flood with water. Continued use is approved. 
Accomplished a feat. The sky turns a different shade. It looks like it usually looks for weeks now. The glass roof of the sky is tilted up. Peeping underneath I see the world the same as this one.