prageeta sharma





The Steelers have Mike Webster for the center,

never missing a game, he is the longest active Steeler member,

executing good mobility and pass protection well, the NFL love him.


The Cowboys have Aaron Kyle, Pat Donovan, Tony Dorsett

and D. D. Lewis, one is a starter at weakside linebacker,

another is the best offensive lineman, one regarded to develop considerably,


one had a comeback. Can you guess which one is which?


The NFL seems to give us mixed messages

as to who’s good and who’s not.


The Bengals have Coy Bacon who’s been a vital cog in the past seasons.


In 1976, he led the Chargers in quarterback sacks.

He recorded many more sacks possibly 20, but I bet more now.

The Redskins also have Coy Bacon, he was superb on the defense line!


(we know he was just as good for the Bengals)

They’ve got Lemar Parrish, who has 38 career interceptions and Dave Butz,

a defensive liner who continually stopped the run,

sacked the quarterback 5 times as well as intercepting a pass.


The Packers have a man named Will Harrell who is their running back,

he made them think of him as dazzling as a debuter,

he returned a punt 82 yards for a touchdown,


a speed blazing in the field.


The Eagles middle linebacker Bill Bergey was the best in club history in 1974.