eleni sikelianos




What color is your arrow? Mine is

I’m the nail & you’re the nurse

I walk across the street & you
pull the thorn You mail it

to me. You try to steal my reader
& you succeed & then you steal my dress.

You are as is unable as any lioness to sell thickets back to forests, I
am a blind f-line

You are trying to be culturally specific o.k.

I am every effort of the self
to describe the self, you are falling

deaf on deaf ears, but everyone’s watching (TV). This is no
attempt to insist that flux

can know flux but you
flex your muscle and mine (!) I am exoplanets & you are extrasolar o.k., how far a ray

of light can go from the beginning of time to I am other places 

where night follows day like Cicero
said I’d rather know myself than Don

King You are the spectroscopic method & changes starlit
frequency vs. I’m the astrometric method
in the coliseum artifacts of Telescope, o.k.
You stepped in velvet on your way to the studio, I was never a professional
iner of Kansas

I was running neck & nekid with

smoke & smoke 
could be said to be loose too; You

are artichokes you are butter & seeds & you can
hit a homer, therefore you can hit a homerun

You are America Someone Someone is an encyclopedia of computer tears
I was 5

you were 3
I had a closet & hid there, you 
walked out of it

You were the disposition to think together with the discovery
of iron & wheat & what
created private property primary colors, war, this need 
for success I’m public property, I am aiming this
at your voice