the codex mojaodicus

pub date: 06/06/2017
paperback isbn: 978-1944380007
paperback: $15.95

Winner of the FENCE MODERN POETS PRIZE, The Codex Mojaodicus is an adventure in form, an ambitious effort to topographically notate the many intersections of hemispheric Spanish and English in the Americas. The Codex Mojaodicus mines, mimes, records and disgorges the impressions and dissertations of language as it is uttered, stuttered, and felt in a variety of tongues and heads. In these theatrical poems, Alvarez documents a multilingual field, tracing a Xicanx genome between and beyond linguistic landscapes, poetries, and histories. 

“A wholly unanticipated amalgam of Edward Dorn and Ernesto Cardenal updated to embody a “Neo Baroque Xicano experimentalism,” the work of Steven Alvarez is a standout in any context. It is all at once narrative, fragmentary, constructivist (unsynthesized), phantasmic, excessive, brash, documentary, and wide awake. Its fluid bilingualism is one of several strategies that achieve a layered stereo effect.” —BRIAN BLANCHFIELD