So now you know places in the Universe exist
    where a million years elapse
        as a second passes
    simultaneously for us
        and vice versa.
So now you understand pulsars rotate
    a thousand times a second
        causing stars in their sky to appear
    not as moving dots
        but perfectly circular solid lines.
So now you realize ultradense crystalline stars
    spin so frantically
        everything in their sky rises and sets
    and rises and sets
        a hundred times a second.
So now you learn if the Sun were as far away
    as the stars in the Big Dipper
        we couldn’t see it
    without a telescope.
So now you find out that in 40 days
    the Earth travels around the Sun
        a distance equal
    to its distance from the Sun.
So now you believe and have faith in
    10,000 years from now
        beautiful girls will caress
    their girlfriends’ erect clits
        with the erect nipples
    of their erect tits.