will alexander




Repetition as de-existence
as condoned & re-spun vapour
which continues to post-exist
as mirages across an ark
as lucid underwater scent

an ark
with its compression of cars
with its one simultaneous ascent
over & above the simultaneous as movement

its obliterated form
wherethe body of the captain
reappears & disappears
eruptive with schisms & salts
eruptive with Cobias Blanquillos & Starfish

extrinsic and solstitial
to any fore-warned destination
to any leprosy
or rupture
or fragment

an ark 
at the same time betrayed
& withdrawn through an index of phantoms
like a squall
beneath a stunning alabaster tide
by pre-existing persons within its hull

spawned by a runic simoom calendric

by “fields of gnarled lava”
predacious orange-brown spider crabs
feeding in diametrical coldness

the ark
now again visible to itself
amidst volcanic flamelets
fanning anonymous blades
of crushing underwater jade

the wind around its hull
a void of pulsilaneous optometry

a shell of scorched bottoms
a mechanics exponentially concussive

like a solitary benzene
or an earthquake phylum
or a riddled scorpion typhoon

because this ark
captained by scaleless ghosts
scripting their foundations from methane
from a sound with a stinging pottery of nerves

like murmurs from a hatchet well
scribbling maps
inducing subtractive protein
on chemosynthetic shock waves of vertigo

so in the depths
a bioluminescence
a void
a glassy conduit of ore
a propulsive cilia
a whiplike Chimera

the captain
scripting these events
in a geomantic log
concerning the brackish flare
from his burning central body

a body
below creatrix waters
a body below
the simulation of the trilobites

so that there constantly exists
a smokeless anti-existence
which seemingly enshrouds
a multiple quantity
or a glare

much in the form
of a stock nucleic food-stock
like a summed explosive strife
which is the “terra incognita”
the fearful archaeology of fate

the ark
failing to illumine
its former maritime amniotic
by means of any purposeful
or magic diorthosis

or any of the perplexing tonics of salinity
or by the gorgonian as former body by persona

be it the pelvic whale
or the caudal dolphin
the body of the captain
a blank indeterminate ether
a smoldering solstice phantom
a soma beyond the depth of his former viewing range

superseding the diameter of boron
& the ark
& the ark of the captain
conflagrant as anti-causality
which post-exists disintegration

the captain in possession
of colourless Bedouin’s blood
igniting light by carbohydrates

then just as quickly
creating mass
in a hydrozoic sea
by means
of insinuous Noctiluca
inside the fire of diaphanous algae

the captain
as voice of the “dinoflagellates”
as interior transpicuity
as translocated ember
as photonic bedouin archery
with a sudden grasp of stunning neural ranges
electrokinetic & spectral with maturity
who now thrives without name
floating throughout inverted lightning hills

his darting appellation is Hexagrammidae
or a goat fish burin
or a form which takes form within Peruvian garuas

at the level
of a subdivided spheroid
yet no longer partaking of the decigram or the Quintal

in an unknown zone
such as the German East Pacific
or Dutch Borneo Peninsulas
like dark imaginary climates

floating beneath a fragment of broken imaginal isles
beyond the confines of nodes
or pharmaceutical calculus
gathering incandescent distance
in a zone like Lake Urmia
or in the powers of Koko Nor

no longer in the realm of geometrical siroccos
of a prone & caustic emblematics

the world now fallen
into a cryptic bay of moons
far beyond the connivance extracted
from the Kama or the Paraguay Rivers

not a gnomonic projection
nor a dazed submission to funeric engulfments
the captain no longer of an ashram of vectors
or a typographic void in a geyser
he exists
at nervous solitary limit
his former vibrations
indigenous to the moisture of flashes

the bedouin ark
an exploded viral dove
a predacious anti-fixation
disappearing at the level of the Leucaselenias*

then the Sea Wasps
the Sessile Medusas
the Hydrozoan jellyfish

like obliterated bells
like the eye in depolarized coronas

seeing caesuras
seeing fire in the form of entangled isolations

in the arc of a neuron

in the spark of a dark infinity

*branched sponge in shallow temperate waters