donald revell





1. “Charles Heyde”



Painted over and over

There was never abuse

The Hump Mt. Mansfield

Painting and teaching



m. Hannah Whitman 1852

d. Vermont Asylum 1892 Hallucinations


Jaundiced painted

Their clothes and bodies

Tablecloth red

Painting is teaching


The louse and maggot know

As much of procreation as we do


Painted Mt. Mansfield once again

Bed-buggiest man in the Earthly Paradise



2. “Bending with the sky”


Bending with the sky

Small meadows of dry

Adapted grasses

Eat fire from the wind

Fire is what wind has


One forgiveness

Liberates two

The desert blooms

More forgiveness


Bending with the sky

There is no real life

Without a new heart

Flourishing on fire

Heart is what fire has



3. “Ground I broke of weeds”


Ground I broke of weeds

Feeds doves this morning

Three of them radiant

Like sunny clockwork

Silvery in shade

In the small furrows



Still feeding now

But another way

They walk straight

Into the road the sun

Well established there

Is hot on the pavement


They turn chalk white

Then fly out of sight



4. “Is it that everyone”


Is it that everyone

The very good specially

has lately really begun

To think of fucking

As over and done

Or out of reach

A thing on paper

Messed between the characters


It is so easy

A bag of sugar

Out in the rain

Breaks on the pavement

It is too bad

It is very sweet