christine hume





Horny or Harm seems the ordinary home.

Or Having seen the orchard and hives,

I’m satisfied I’ve picked the dark pocket

pink or satisfied, pickled larks protect the jinx.

You know I’m trouble with dixie cups, croquet

and wicker or humble with desire for (cough)

the wicked. Ago? A queer little dog grazing

or gazing lives in my room or ivys my noun.

They have a saying here about your duct-taped boots

or They keep savvy bees in case the butcher balks

which is not cool is nautical is nonsensical.

Attention trick eye! A tension trickles

or After swimming we found the housekeeper dead

I sing or swing, Let’s keep her, dear!

All day an unmade bed. One day I’ll be young or

going as he who homesteads in foreign castles

deserves or whose domain feigns, casts designs

say, like shadows on the outhouse door or

the outskirts humoring me or out-skirting rumors

last as long as keeping honey


or homey

or phone me, money? – Yours